Desktop & Laptop Maintenance

Keep your hardware running at maximum efficiency.

Software Deployment / Updates

One of the most time consuming aspects of managing a network is to update or load new software across your network.  The Complete Office™ Support tool allows your technician to work with the software vendor to create an automated "script" that performs the update or installation without ever having to touch a computer.

Automated Maintenance Processes

Many repetitive tasks that should be completed on a regularly basis to keep your system running smoothly are often not performed because of the time and attention that they take. The Complete Office™ Support tool can automate specific and general tasks that can keep your systems up and running and your users more productive.

Microsoft Security Patch Management

With the importance of computer security, nothing is more important than maintaining up to date security patches from Microsoft for both the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office software.  As part of your Complete Office™ Support Managed Service Agreement, your support engineer will monitor and maintain the patches and provide you with reporting as required to make sure you are up to date.

PC Inventory of Hardware and Software

It is often very helpful to truly know what hardware and software is installed and running on your computers.  This inventory information will aid technicians in resolving problems and upgrading systems. In addition, when it is time to upgrade software, it is an easy task to determine which of your systems is compatible and which may need upgrading.

Network Monitoring / Alerts

Do you really know what is happening on your internal network?  What programs are taking up your bandwidth? Which users are using the Internet and for what purpose?  Which critical computers are on-line? These and other answers can be obtained by examining the network information collected by the Complete Office™ Support tool.

Windows Error Monitoring / Alerts

Long before you start to notice things going wrong with your system, there may be warnings reported by your system event manager. These errors and alerts can trigger your Complete Office™ Support tool to notify your technicians that something may be going wrong. These errors and alerts can also be used to diagnose any problems that might occur on your system.

Software Application Blocking

There are millions of programs that are available to users to run on their computers and there may be times when you wish to block access to some of them.  Certain programs can amplify your risk of contracting a computer virus or spyware and some can use valuable network bandwidth while still others can impact user productivity. The Complete Office™ Support Tool allows the selection and blockage of specific programs from running on one computer or your entire network.

Software License ASsistance

While LSI does not act as a policing agent for software licensing, it is our policy to install and support only software that is properly licensed. In order to demonstrate licensing, it is imperative that accurate data be available as to what is installed and running on your systems. The software license inventory provided by Complete Office™ Support provides the necessary information to allow proper license management.

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