Network Management

Streamline time and cost efficiency with well planned and executed projects.

Local Area Network (LAN)

We will manage your local area network environment and maintain your switches, hubs and wiring to make sure that the connectivity within your organization is running properly.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

A WAN or Wide Area Network is usually employed to connect multiple locations together either directly or through the Internet.  If the WAN is not working, your users at most locations will not be able to work.  We will document your WAN programs, processes and procedures and remain available should you require assistance in the event the there is a problem with the WAN.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Many organizations today have people working from other locations including their homes and on the road. This can be accomplished using a Virtual Private Network or VPN. We will be there to answer the questions that arise regarding your VPN and document the programs, processes and procedures required to keep it running. In addition, we are available to help your user when the connection does not work. We will handle the issues remotely and on-site assistance for remote users may require additional charges.

Firewall Management

Long before you start to notice things going wrong with your system, there may be warnings reported by your system event manager. These errors and alerts can trigger your Complete Office™ Support tool to notify your technicians that something may be going wrong. These errors and alerts can also be used to diagnose any problems that might occur on your system.

Router/Security Network Appliance

There are millions of programs that are available to users to run on their computers and there may be times when you wish to block access to some of them.  Certain programs can amplify your risk of contracting a computer virus or spyware and some can use valuable network bandwidth while still others can impact user productivity. The Complete Office™ Support Tool allows the selection and blockage of specific programs from running on one computer or your entire network.

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