Desktop and Laptop Ongoing Support Services

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Advanced Software Operational Assistance

Depending on the complexity of your unique software systems, your software environment may be considered advanced.  Prior to engaging in a service plan, your LSI Networks service representative will conduct an on-site evaluation of your computer systems and network. This service addresses operational issues and not functionality or enhancements.  There is no cost to you for this service.

Primary Help Desk & Trouble Ticketing

All programs include general help desk services on basic software, hardware and connectivity problems.  Using the Complete Office™ Support help ticketing system included with all managed packages, users can send a request for almost any reason.  Your LSI Networks service representative will respond and either resolve the issue or instruct the user as to what to do during normal business hours.

On-Site Support

This optional service is included in the enhanced and premium plans.  If a problem cannot be resolved remotely, a technician will be dispatched according to the urgency of the problem.  On-site support will be offered only after remote services have been unsuccessful

Integrated Reporting

Your LSI Networks service representative will work with you and your users to create reporting that is available on demand or on an automated basis.  Reports can include network statistics, inventory, and more.

Remote Support

For maximum efficiency, Complete Office™ Support includes an integrated remote control system that allows your administrator to troubleshoot and repair most issues regardless of where the computer is, keeping your employees as productive as possible.  Remote access means that problems are resolved faster without the cost and wait of on-site visits.  Not all problems can be resolved remotely, but on-site visits are often shorter because of the knowledge and history collected by the Complete Office™ Support tool.  Users and managers can elect to allow unlimited remote control or users and managers can control the when and if a computer can be remote controlled. Remote access is through a 256-bit secure encryption process.

Priority Response

Exclusively available as part of the Premium service plan for PC's and Enhanced and Premium plans for Servers. Priority response means that your priority requests will be handled before all other plans.

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