Technology Management Support Solutions

Plan, manage, and optimize your business technology.

Communications Management

Telephone lines and rates are an area of potential cost savings regardless of the size of your company. With the advent of VOIP and a new competitive landscape, it is important to continually examine and review your costs in these areas.  We will coordinate the review of your current telecommunications expenses to determine if we can provide you with cost savings or feature improvement.

Priority Response

Exclusively available as part of the Premium service plan for PC's and Enhanced and Premium plans for Servers. Priority response means that your priority requests will be handled before all other plans.

Connectivity Management

Your internet connections and associated contracts can be difficult to navigate without the proper knowledge of what is available.  Your Concerto Networks Service representative will review your contracts, schedule reviews with your vendors and help to negotiate reductions in rates whenever possible.

Website & Hosting Support

A website is one of the most important tools in your company's customer service, sales and contact areas. Proper management of the website and having it hosted with the proper company is critical to make sure your site is available to your customers.

ISP Management

At the beginning of your Complete Office™ Support agreement, we will obtain all the information necessary to work with your Internet provider. We will monitor your key systems to make sure that they are on-line. If there is an outage, you can count on us to work with your provider to get you back on-line as soon as possible.

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