Business IT Project Planning

Streamline time and cost efficiency with well planned and executed projects.

Scheduled Technology Review Calls

As part of your Complete Office™ Support Agreement, we will provide scheduled technology review calls at an interval that is coordinated with your schedule and requirements.  The goal is to remain in contact with you and to keep you informed as to the status of issues and progress of any ongoing projects and to listen and respond to any concerns that you may have.

Project Planning & Guidance

As your advocate, we will work with you to help develop and plan for changes to your network to solve problems, expand capabilities, or improve performance. When it comes time to implement new projects, we will work with you to manage and guide the projects to completion.  Some projects may require additional resources in the way of time or personnel and these will be included as part of any project implementation.

Technology Research & Proposals

Technology is always changing and seems to be a moving target.  We are technology people and can concentrate on your technology needs while you concentrate on your business.  Whether you are looking for a new CRM tool, accounting package, phone system, or other technology related product, we will work with you to develop the options that exist for your business.  No one is an expert on everything and if we need outside resources to properly evaluate the options, we will propose that to you. In any case, we will act as your advocate to sift through the options and to answer your technology related questions.

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